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The vianhunter is dedicated to offering the best and sleek designs for all occasions and that cuts across all ages in order to ensure both a comfortable and classy look on anyone.

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The main objective of the company is to ensure that no client who wants to dress well and comfortable does not get to do so due to lack of classy and quality trends.

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Thereby working around the clock to create new and high quality fabric designs that will leave their clientele happy and satisfied. You came to the right place for fashion tips.

7 Ways To Wear White Denim Every Day Of The Week

White denims can be well paired with an over sized shirt

Most people are wary or just freaked about wearing white mainly because white seems to be associated with anxiety induction with a number of rules and washing instructions. It is however possible, trendy and easy to rock white denim and jeans every other day of the week while blending it with other fashion designs and looks. Some of the effective ways of wearing white throughout the week include, wearing white denim on Monday to work together with a blazer and low heeled shoes. On Tuesday one can wear a wide-legged pair of white denim or jeans which pairs perfectly with a blouse and a purse.

Wednesdays means the week is midway so one can break things up with a white button front pencil dress since white denim is not necessarily restricted to pants. On a Thursday one may choose to wear a white pair of jeans with a button front fly and let the texture speak for itself while pairing it with a trendy jacket. On Friday one can wear white denim paired with an elevated anklet and a classy bomber to comfortably welcome the weekend. Saturday is an all white day since white on white should be reserved for the weekend when one is not in a hurry to work. Having cutouts and lace-up details gives the denim an edgy look. On Sunday white denims can be well paired with an oversized shirt, a sun hat and sneakers giving one a perfect look for Sunday brunch and other occasions.

Here’s Why Socks Should Be Your Most Important Accessory

This Month Tips

Men and Women

Socks are an important aspect of dressing to both men and women and therefore a colorful and classy pair of socks is an important aspect to spice up an outfit. Selection of socks should also not be limited to dull colors but bright socks are also a perfect accessory for both genders since they express creativity and individualism.

Protection and Warmth

Socks are an important item and there is need to constantly replenish due to the wear and tear of existing ones. Additionally socks can be worn for protection and warmth and are also essential for sports or when going to the gym.

Designing Millennial

Millennial generation is mobile people and well travelled individuals with an opportunity to explore the world. They are also a tough bunch of people to please having high expectations from goods and service providers. Extremely cold conditions will therefore send most people to buy parkas or find them from any place.

Friendly Parkas

There is therefore a need for millennial friendly parkas since parkas are meant to keep people warm during the winter and other times of extreme cold conditions. Millennial have certain expectations and won’t tolerate poor services and thus there is need to create a design that has friction less experiences as well as ensuring authenticity. There is also need to personalize the parkas for millennial and also rewarding loyalty in different and unique ways


Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo is a famous Malaysian iconic luxury lifestyle designer who was born on 15 November 1948 but currently resides in the United Kingdom.

Jimmy Choo is a famous Malaysian iconic luxury lifestyle designer who was born on 15 November 1948 but currently resides in the United Kingdom. He is known for cofounding Jimmy Choo LTD and is defined by an enthusiastic and empowered sense of fashion and glamour as well as a confident sense of style. Jimmy Choo first moved to England in the early 1980s as a student at the Cordwainers Technical College in Hackney and later remained there after graduation and co-created Jimmy Choo Ltd in 1986 alongside his close friend Tamara Mellon who was also a British Vogue magazine accessories editor.

The fashion icon designed his first pair of shoes at the tender age of eleven years and has grown to designing shoes for many prominent personalities including Princess Diana, Julia Roberts and Renee Zellweger among others.


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